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If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. 

Kristen is a mother, entrepreneur, speaker, community leader, and international educator. She relocated to Las Vegas in 2016 after pursuing a lifelong dream of living overseas for 3 1/2 years.

Kristen has over 13 years of teaching experience, and now uses her talents to tutor elementary scholars and mentor 1st year teachers. However, Kristen is an entrepreneur at heart, allowing her innovative ideas to become a reality. She is a best selling author of the memoir, You Are Not A Mess: Reclaiming Your Self-Worth in the midst of brokenness. She is currently working on her 2nd book which is expected to make its debut in September 2022. Due to her love for writing, Kristen now offers writing freelance services to individuals seeking writing support for book manuscripts, business plans, cover letters, social media content, and more. Kristen is the CEO of Buttered N Bliss All Natural Body Treats, a skincare line dedicated to reminding busy moms of the importance of self-care. She currently lives in Las Vegas with her family.

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