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KJW Tutoring Services has a mission, and that is to create a safe space for learning, understanding and thriving. We meet each student where they are, and create a personalized, differentiated lesson plan that provides students with increased confidence as a learner as well as a deeper understanding of the challenging task. In addition, effective independent learning strategies will be taught for application at home or in a classroom setting.  Additionally, at KJW Tutoring Services, we believe in implementing student centered, holistic goals to ensure that academic growth, creativity and self-awareness are amplified. We believe that all students, despite their unique and individual circumstances, deserve a chance, and are worthy of a quality education coupled with support, nurturing and encouragement.

Currently, our tutoring services specialize in literacy based support for learners in grades K-5. Our areas of emphasis include phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting/sentence structure, reading fluency and comprehension. We look forward to working with your family to ensure that your child has the tools, strategies, confidence and awareness to be the best they can be because they deserve it! 

We are here to help your scholar thrive! 

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Phonics & Phonemic Awareness Support

Phonemic awareness is a foundational skill that is taught on the early elementary level. If your child struggles with letter identification, letter sound recognition, beginning/ending blend sounds, and cvc words, they will need support. If a child doesn't receive clarity in these areas at an early stage, it can and will affect their ability to read on grade level. 

Reading Fluency & Comprehension 

Having the ability to read fluently and on grade level as well as being able to understand the context of what's being read, is an important life skill. If a child struggles with reading comprehension, some of the signs include:

Not being able to identify the main idea and key details of a text.

Not being able to provide a summary of events or a retell. 

Not being able to go back in the text to identify the story elements, theme, or author's purpose. 

We provide bi-weekly progress monitoring and reading comprehension activities to help increase your child's focus and understanding of complex texts. 

If your child struggles in these areas, book your consultation call  with KJW Tutoring Services today!

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Handwriting & Sentence Structure

Being able to write legibly, and in complete sentences, is a very important skill to have, especially as students advance in grade level. Does your child struggle with keeping their words in between the lines, forming letters and numbers correctly, writing neatly, or have problems formulating a complete and coherent sentence? Handwriting is a lifelong skill that is needed for successful written communication. Students who struggle with handwriting typically get lower grades because their work is not "neat" or organized. They may understand the concept of what's being learned, but have a hard time articulating that concept in writing. 

I'm ready for my child to receive
additional academic support!

If you're ready for:

  • Your child's academic performance to improve

  • Your child's participation in class to increase 

  • An increased level of confidence and self-esteem

  • One-on-one support 

  • A customized, personalized academic strategy plan 

  • Access to home based resources 

  • A welcoming and proactive environment

Then you've come to the right place! KJW Tutoring Services is ready to help your child succeed academically.  During our initial consultation call, we will identify what areas of concern you have along with potential strategies that can be applied. If you're interested, we can move forward with 1:1 in person or online personalized instruction. Your child deserves to achieve their academic goals and feel confident about their learning abilities. Education equity is extremely important for us, and we are ready to see your child win! We look forward to working with you and your child. 

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